How many international tourists visited London in 2019?

How many foreign tourists visit London annually?

How many tourists visit London each year? London attracts around 30 million visitors from around the world every year. The number of tourists visiting London has increased from 11 million in 2002 to more than 19 million in 2016.

How many visitors come to London from overseas?

Approximately 21.71 million trips were made by international tourists to London (UK) in 2019. The number of overseas residents visiting the city steadily increased over the last ten years, before dropping off slightly in 2018.

How many UK citizens travel abroad each year?

Visits abroad by UK residents

Our modelling suggests that there were 23.8 million visits overseas by UK residents in 2020, the lowest figure since 1985. The number of visits in 2020 was 74% fewer than in 2019, when there were 93.1 million visits.

How many tourists visit Cambridge each year?

The visitor economy is a key economic driver for Cambridge with 8.1 million visitors a year contributing around £835 million to the Cambridge economy and accounting for around 22 % of local employment (source: Cambridge Economic Impact of Tourism Report 2017).

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