Is Touristic an English word?

Is touristic a word in English?

Google Ngrams shows results for the English spelling “touristic” under three foreign European languages besides English but shows results for “touristy” only for English.

Is it touristy or touristic?

As adjectives the difference between touristy and touristic

is that touristy is (informal|often pejorative) of, relating to, catering for, or visited by tourists while touristic is (outside of north america) catering for tourists; touristy.

Does the word touristic exist?

We often speak of a place being “tourist destination” or being “popular with tourists.” Another common phrase is “of interest to tourists.” The adjective touristic exists, but it does not convey what I think you’re trying to communicate. A related word, touristy, wouldn’t either.

Is touristic a adjective?

catering for tourists; touristy.

What is a touristy?

1 : patronized by or appealing to tourists touristy restaurants. 2 : characteristic of or relating to tourists touristy behavior.

What is the sentence of tourist?

Examples of tourist in a Sentence

The museums attract a lot of tourists. In the summer the town is filled with tourists.

What is the synonym of tourist?

rubbernecker, sightseer, traveler. (or traveller), tripper.

What are the synonyms of tourism?

synonyms for tourism

  • touristry.
  • travel.
  • exploration.
  • globetrotting.
  • journey.
  • passage.
  • resorting.
  • traversing.
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What are the most common tourism activities tourists do?

Activities and nature-based tourism

  • garden and forests.
  • cycling and mountain biking.
  • walking and hiking.
  • fishing.
  • canoeing and water sports.

Is futuristic an adjective?

futuristic adjective (TIME)

relating to the future, or very modern or advanced: Her latest novel is a futuristic thriller, set in the twenty-first century.