What are the main features of agro eco tourism?

What are the main features of agri tourism?

Commonly three agritourism functions are: socio-psychological; economic; spatial and environmental.

What are the features of ecotourism?

Some important characteristics of ecotourism are following as:

  • Involves travel to the natural destination. …
  • Minimize impact. …
  • Builds environmental awareness. …
  • Provides direct financial benefits for conservation. …
  • Provides financial benefits and empowerment for local people. …
  • Respects local culture.

What is agri ecotourism?


The rural landscape, usually a combination of wild and agro-ecosystems, is the most important resource for tourism development. … Agro-ecotourism in certain locations provides a strong economic incentive to small farmers to commit to biodiversity-friendly agriculture management.

What are the functions of agritourism?

Agritourism helps preserve rural lifestyles and landscape and also offers the opportunity to provide “sustainable” or “green” tourism. Organic agriculture is a cultural evolution that finds its origins in a environmentalist culture.

What is meant by agro-tourism?

Agro-tourism refers to people visiting working farms or other agricultural operations for the purpose of enjoyment, education, or other active involvement. Agro-tourism encompasses a wide variety of activities and provides a means for farmers to diversify and supplement their income.

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What is agro-tourism India?

Agri tourism is the latest concept in the Indian tourism industry, which normally occurs on farms. It gives an opportunity to the tourists to experience the real enchanting and authentic contact with the rural life, taste the local genuine food and get familiar with the various farming tasks during the visit.

What is the unique feature of a tourism product?

Unlike a tangible product, say, a motor car or refrigerator, no transfer of ownership of goods is involved in tourism. The product here cannot be seen or inspected before its purchase.

What are the six characteristics of ecotourism?

For the purpose of this research, authentic ecotourism embraces all of the following principles: (1) involves travel to natural destinations; (2) minimizes impact; (3) builds environmental awareness; (4) provides direct financial benefits for conservation; (5) provides Page 12 2 financial benefits and empowerment for …

What is the main purpose of ecotourism?

The overarching goal of ecotourism is to create experiences that benefit everyone equally, not just the tourist and stakeholders. This means protecting the local ecosystem and natural resources. It also involves giving local people a living wage while helping them preserve their communities and culture.

What are the roles of agro eco tourism in economic activity?

Ecotourism contributes to conservation or preservation of the natural resources and promotes stewardship of natural and cultural resources. The local residents accrue economic and social benefits thereby contributing to project’s long-term success.

What is the difference between agritourism and ecotourism?

is that agritourism is a form of tourism in which tourists stay in farms or agricultural villages, either to experience farm life, or as a base for exploring the countryside while ecotourism is responsible travel to natural areas supporting the fauna, flora, and local economy.

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Why is agritourism important?

Importance of Agritourism

Agritourism gives producers an opportunity to generate additional income and an avenue for direct marketing to consumers. It enhances the tourism industry by increasing the volume of visitors to an area and the length of their stay.