What do you mean by tourist oriented resources?

What do you mean by tourist resources?

Anthropogenic (atropic) tourism resources are human creations, the features of which attract tourists. They impact on how the cultural needs of tourists are met. … Key words: resources in tourism, basic tourism resources, natural resources, atropic resources, attractions, usage, tourism.

What is tourist attraction and resources?

Tourist attraction is anything that has a uniqueness, beauty, and value diversity in the form of natural resources, culture, and the result of man-made or objectives targeted tourist visits (Act No. … (2000: 364), the tourist attraction is all factors that generate the flow of tourists to a particular location.

What are the resources of travel and tourism?

Special conditions and elements as tourism resources consist of political stability, image of the region, travel cost, public health, nostalgia, strong historical stereotypes, strong tourist stereotypes, trends, and cultural, religious, and social considerations.

What is tourism resources with examples?

Examples of such resources include: monuments, traditional settlements, cultural events, traditionally produced local products, areas of archaeological, cultural or historic interest, areas of special natural beauty, national parks, ecological parks, wetlands, coasts, mountains, areas with a rich or rare flora and …

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What is manmade tourism resources?

Man-made tourism products include: a) Culture (sites and areas of archaeological interest, historical buildings and monuments, places of historical significance, museums and art galleries, political and educational institutions, religious institutions); b) Traditions (pilgrimages, fairs and festivals, arts and …

What is the difference between a tourist product and a regular consumer product?

Explanation: Consumer product marketing is about the tangible — what you see is what you get. And tourism marketing is about the intangible — a lifestyle or experience. … Consumer product marketing is about the tangible — what you see is what you get.

Why tourist attraction is important in the tourism industry?

Tourist attractions contribute significantly to the tourism industry. They typically reap economic benefits of tourism and/or promote the local culture, heritage and environment. This can often result in increased environmental preservation- a positive environmental impact of tourism.

What are the differences between tourism resources and tourist attractions?

Differences are identified between the categories tourist resource and tourist attraction, often used interchangeably in the literature on tourism. … In this way, tourist resources give rise to tourist attractions, as much as tourist attractions are sustained by tourist resources.

What are the types of tourist attractions?

There are 4 different types of attractions in the travel and tourism industry. These are purpose built attractions, natural attractions, events and heritage attractions. In the travel and tourism sector, attractions are an important part as this is what bring in tourist from all over the world.