What is tour app?

How do I create a tour app?

How to Create a Tour App in 3 Easy Steps?

  1. Enter the name of your app. Choose the category that works best for you.
  2. Add the features on the next screen. Create a Tour App in minutes without any coding.
  3. Launch your app on app stores. Make travel convenient for the users with your Tour app.

Is VoiceMap free?

With hundreds of free and paid tours, VoiceMap offers huge variety.

How do virtual walking tours work?

Unlike the virtual tour’s static wrap-around feel, a video tour is a linear walk-through of a location. Using a video camera, the location is filmed at a walking pace while moving continuously from one point to another throughout the subject location. 3D virtual tours can be created using 3D reconstruction.

How do I make an audio tour?

Setting up an online tour using a free service like YourAudioTour is a simple process:

  1. Sign up for a free account.
  2. Name your tour, add a description and a cover image.
  3. Create stops by adding photos and a description.
  4. Audio will be generated automatically using stop description (or you can upload your own audio)

How do audio tours work?

An audio tour or audio guide provides a recorded spoken commentary, normally through a handheld device, to a visitor attraction such as a museum. … Some audio guides are free or included in the entrance fee, others have to be purchased separately.

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What is VoiceMap app?

Introducing VoiceMap; a GPS audio walking tour app. … All you need is a smartphone/device, VoiceMap’s mobile app (available for iPhone and Android devices) and a pair of headphones. And you’re ready to go!

What happened detour app?

The Detour app will remain available until May 31, 2018, and all tours will be free through then. Afterwards, the app will be removed from the App Store. “Thank you to the producers, engineers, designers, and storytellers that made Detour what it is over the last four years.

What is the purpose of a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a marketing tool that can help bring new customers and clients to your business. It’s also a “virtual reality” view of your business relayed in visual images that allow the viewer to be “right there” at your location. It’s the best way to accurately show what your location really looks like.

How long should an audio tour be?

Traditional Tours.

Companies that produce audio tours for sighted visitors try to keep their stops at around ninety seconds, and rarely go over two minutes. Of course, these stops do not include verbal description. So a stop that includes verbal description will be longer, but not necessarily dramatically longer.

What makes a good walking tour?

Keep it simple. Only include useful information and interesting facts. Try to dive deep into each stop to provide that little bit of extra insight. If you’re learning new things as you create your walking tour it’s a good sign.


  • Get close! …
  • Stay consistent! …
  • Different angles!
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How much does it cost to make an audio guide?

Well, the design & development cost to create an full fledge Audio tour guide apps for both iOS & Android platforms will cost somewhere $10,000-$15000. But if you wish to include more functions & features to your mobile apps, the cost may increase to $30,000.