What was the first roadside attraction?

How did Roadside Attractions start?

When long-distance road travel became practical and popular in the 1920s, entrepreneurs began building restaurants, motels, coffee shops, cafes and more unusual businesses to attract travelers. … Some remained attractive enough to divert travelers from the interstate for a brief respite and thus remain in business.

What was the first tourist trap?

Alice’s Restaurant, a restaurant in Sky Londa, California named after its founder Alice Taylor, accidentally became a tourist trap after singer Arlo Guthrie released his signature song of the same name, which was based on a totally unrelated Massachusetts restaurant established by a different Alice.

What caused an increase in roadside attractions in the 1930s?

In the 1930s, the U.S. highway system greatly expanded. The new roads took travelers through a lot of small towns and roadside villages. In order to entice tourists to stop and spend money in their towns, business owners started to build roadside attractions.

How many roadside attractions are there?

Ask around the world and you’ll hear that everything is bigger in the United States. Perhaps that explains why there are at least 195 roadside attractions in the US that consider themselves the “world’s largest.” They aren’t all verified—some are outright wrong.

Is there an app for roadside attractions?

Google Maps

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Map your way to your destination, and find out how long it will take with real-time updates and traffic conditions. Plus, find nearby stores, restaurants, hotels, and more with this easy-to-use app. Available on iOS and Android.

Where can I find roadside attractions?

The best resource for finding quirky attractions I’ve found is RoadsideAmerica.com (there is even an app for iPhone users). I’ll also look at Roadtrippers.com and AtlasObscura.com to see what type of attractions they list. 4. Google is your friend.

How do you spot a tourist trap?

5 Ways To Tell If A Restaurant Is A Tourist Trap

  1. Avoid restaurants with old plated food on display at. all. …
  2. Be careful eating in neighborhoods with big tourist attractions. …
  3. Steer clear of TripAdvisor rating stickers. …
  4. Whatever you do, don’t listen to the free guidebooks. …
  5. Once you arrive, don’t just look at the menu.