Why is your hair attracted to a comb after combing your hair?

Why do you think comb attracts some of your hair strands?

Basically, when an electrification takes place, electrons are not created but they are transferred….. in the case of comb attracting tiny tiny bits of papers when rubbed with dry hair is because electrons from the dry hair gets transferred to the comb and now the comb induces a dipole in the bitties of paper and the

Why is a comb negatively charged?

The atoms in the plastic comb and wool both have electrons, but the comb holds onto its electrons more tightly than the wool does. … When you rub the comb with the wool, some of the electrons from the wool are transferred to the comb. This gives the comb an overall negative charge.

Why does a comb rubbed on hair attracts small pieces of paper?

Plastic comb gets electrically charged due to rubbing & therefore it attracts tiny pieces of paper. A charged body can attract an uncharged body.

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Does the attraction between the rubbed comb and the pieces of paper last long Why?

Does the attraction between the comb and the piece of papers last for longer period of time? No, because the comb loses its net charge after some time. The exess charge of the comb transfers to earth through our body after some time.

What happens when you rubbed the balloon on your hair?

Rubbing the balloon onto your hair or onto the wool fabric adds electrons to the balloon and causes the balloon to become negatively charged. … Your positively charged hair is attracted to the negatively charged balloon and starts to rise up to meet it.

What happens to your hair after rubbing the comb balloon on it repeatedly how about the tissue paper?

When a rubber balloon is rubbed against human hair, electrons are transferred from the hair to the rubber, giving the balloon a net negative charge, and leaving the hair with a net positive charge.

What happens when a comb is rubbed on dry hair?

Complete step by step answer:irstly, when the comb is used to rub dry hair, it always acquires a negative charge or electron which the hair carries, where the comb is induced with the electron gotten from the hair then immediately the comb which is negatively charged comes in contact with the piece of paper which is …

When we comb our dry hair the hair attracts to comb the force involved in this is?

When the comb runs through dry hair, it gets charged by friction. The molecules in the paper get polarized by the charged comb, resulting in a net force of attraction.

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When a comb is rubbed with dry hair both comb and paper get similarly charged?

Correct: A comb rubbed with hair and brought near pieces of r paper attracts them, because both have dissimilar charges.

Why does a comb run through wet hair not attract bits of paper?

Comb gets electrically charged by friction. … But when the comb runs through wet hair no electric charge is produced because friction between hair and comb is reduced. Due to absence of electric charge in comb it cannot polarize small bits of paper. Hence comb cannot attract small bits of paper.