Will there be more episodes of The Grand Tour?

Is Grand Tour Season 4 Cancelled?

The Grand Tour ran for three complete seasons. But then at the end of Season 3, Jeremy Clarkson issued a tearful announcement saying that it was going to be the final episode and that the Grand Tour wouldn’t be returning in the future in the same format.

Will Grand Tour Season 4 have more episodes?

Executive producer Andy Wilman has confirmed that viewers will only be getting a double dose of Clarkson, Hammond, and May in the forthcoming series of The Grand Tour due to a substantial format overhaul.

Is The Grand Tour really ending?

It comes as a surprise to say that The Grand Tour will not be returning after its third season on Amazon. The successful motoring show which reportedly produced more than $100million in revenue for Amazon will not return for a fourth season a source has revealed.

Why did Amazon cancel grand tour?

The announcement comes after the host told the Sun the trio had decided to quit studio car shows to focus on one-off large overseas specials over the next two years. But it’s now believed a full fourth season will be made up of a string of road trip specials, without the classic studio format.

What has happened to Richard Hammond?

The Grand Tour star Richard Hammond, 51, has had his fair share of injuries during his broadcasting career, most recently his crash in Switzerland which left him needing a metal plate in his knee. Back in 2006, he also suffered a serious brain injury following a high-speed car accident.

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When’s the next episode of Grand Tour coming out?

The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown release date is July 30, 2021. The next special in The Grand Tour Presents series is called Lochdown – and it just got a release date of July 30 on Amazon Prime Video.