You asked: Which attractive force is the weakest force between molecules quizlet?

Which type of attractive forces is the weakest?

The dispersion force is the weakest of all IMFs and the force is easily broken. However, the dispersion force can become very strong in a long molecule, even if the molecule is nonpolar.

What is the weakest intermolecular force quizlet?

dispersion; the London dispersion forces are the weakest intermolecular force.

What are the weakest attractions between molecules?

London dispersion forces are the weakest type of intermolecular bond. They exist between all atoms and molecules.

Which among the following is weakest intermolecular forces of attraction?

The force of interactions between the hydrogen chloride molecules are dipole-dipole interactions while the interactions between the helium atoms is just weak van der Waals attraction. Hence, the weakest intermolecular forces exist between the helium atoms as there are only van der Waals interactions.

What is the weakest to strongest intermolecular force?

In order from strongest to weakest, the intermolecular forces given in the answer choices are: ion-dipole, hydrogen bonding, dipole-dipole, and Van der Waals forces.

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