Your question: Is attracted by correct?

What does attracted by mean?

If you are attracted by or to someone, you like them, often finding them sexually interesting: He tends to be attracted to strong women. I like him, but I’m not physically/sexually attracted to him. [ T usually passive ]

How do you use attracted in a sentence?

Attracted sentence example

  1. The only thing I’m attracted to is his job offer – and the idea of getting out of this gossipy little town. …
  2. She didn’t want to feel attracted to Rhyn. …
  3. “I thought bees were attracted to flowers by sight and smell,” I said. …
  4. So, was it the money that attracted her?

Which preposition is used after attraction?

The preposition ‘to’ is used to indicate a thing or a person that attracts you, it sort of focuses on the object/subject of your attraction putting it in the center of attention. For example, ‘I’m attracted to Julia’ (which sounds a little formal and awkward by the way).

What kind of verb is attracted?

attract is a verb, attractive is an adjective, attraction is a noun:Magnets attract iron or steel. That actress is very attractive.

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What is the correct word of Attract?

Some common synonyms of attract are allure, captivate, charm, enchant, and fascinate.

Is it rappel or rappel?

(in mountaineering) the act or method of moving down a steep incline or past an overhang by means of a double rope secured above and placed around the body, usually under the left thigh and over the right shoulder, and paid out gradually in the descent. verb (used without object), rap·pelled, rap·pel·ling.

How do you use attention in a sentence?

Examples of attention in a Sentence

We focused our attention on this particular poem. My attention wasn’t really on the game. You need to pay more attention in school. She likes all the attention she is getting from the media.

What is an example of attracted?

An example of attract is to put on a piece of eye catching clothing to draw attention from the opposite sex. An example of attract is two magnets coming together by magnetic force. To be attractive. To pull toward without touching.

What is an example of attraction?

The definition of attraction is the act of enticing someone or something or a person or thing that entices. Two people who are drawn to each others looks are an example of people experiencing an attraction. A ride at an amusement park is an example of an attraction.

Is attracted a action verb?

attract someone’s attention: They tried to leave the hotel without attracting anyone’s attention.

attract ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌

present tense
he/she/it attracts
present participle attracting
past tense attracted
past participle attracted
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What is the noun of attraction?

noun. the act, power, or property of attracting. attractive quality; magnetic charm; fascination; allurement; enticement: the subtle attraction of her strange personality.

What’s the opposite word of Attract?

What is the opposite of attract?

repel repulse
offend sicken
put off turn off
beat back chase away
drive away drive back