Your question: Who is the first woman foreign secretary of India?

Who is the first foreign secretary of India?

Foreign Secretary (India)

Foreign Secretary of India
Inaugural holder K. P. S. Menon, ICS
Formation 16 April 1948
Salary ₹225,000 (US$3,000) monthly
Website Ministry of External Affairs

Who is the First Lady Foreign Ministry of India?

Sovereign states

Name Country Term length
Indira Gandhi India 236 days
Adrienne Liyonda Zaire 1 year, 0 days
Danielle de St. Jorre Seychelles 8 years, 55 days
Akmaral Arystanbekova Kazakhstan 2 years, 0 days

Who was first female foreign minister?

Margaret Beckett

The Right Honourable Dame Margaret Beckett DBE MP
Monarch Elizabeth II
Prime Minister John Major
Preceded by John Smith
Succeeded by Tony Blair

Who is prime minister of India?

What’s the name of the foreign secretary?

The Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP

Elizabeth Truss was appointed Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs on 15 September 2021.

Who was the first female party leader?

List of female first ministers in Canada

Rank Name of Premier Political Party
1st Rita Johnston British Columbia Social Credit Party
2nd Nellie Cournoyea Nonpartisan (consensus government)
3rd Catherine Callbeck Prince Edward Island Liberal Party
4th Kim Campbell Progressive Conservative Party of Canada
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