Best answer: Can I travel to Oman with UAE residence visa?

Do UAE residents need visa to Oman?

As a result, UAE citizens do not need to apply for an Oman visa. Instead, they can cross the border only with their passport, and they can stay as long as their passport is valid. … There are people from other countries who reside in UAE and have a residence card.

Can UAE residents get visa on arrival in Oman?

Anyone who has been a resident of the UAE for at least six months does not need a sponsor from Oman to get visa approval. All they need is the following documents to apply. Please note that the passport has to be valid for at least six months from the date of arrival in Oman.

Can GCC residents enter Oman?

Travelers of all nationalities can apply for the Oman GCC visa as long as they hold a valid GCC residence permit for one of the GCC countries that is valid for at least 6 months. The Oman GCC resident visa is a single entry travel authorization which allows a maximum stay of 28 consecutive days in the country.

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Can Dubai residents go to Oman?

Travellers from any country can enter Oman as long as they meet the necessary requirements. So, if you’re planning a trip from Dubai to Oman, here’s what you need to know.

Can Dubai residents visit Oman?

Oman is currently open to those who have received both doses of a recognised vaccine at least 14 days before travelling to the country. You can find out which vaccines are recognised and more via The National’s guide to travelling to Oman. Travellers must also make sure that vaccination certificates have a QR code.

Which border to cross from UAE to Oman for expats?

You can cross over via Mezyad border near Al Ain or Al Buraimi border, the latter border gets closed on occasions for expats.

Can I take my car from Dubai to Oman?

An Expat Omani resident card holder can bring a vehicle from Dubai if he has an Omani license that is required for driving the vehicle.

Is Oman open for tourists from UAE?

Oman currently allows visitors from the UAE who have at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine. A couple of weeks ago it also announced unvaccinated resident permit holders are also allowed to come back.

Can GCC residents get visa on arrival in Oman?

International visitors to Oman require valid passports (Except GCC citizens who hold valid government-issued National ID cards) and most will require a visa for the duration of their stay. Some nationalities and resident of GCC countries may avail the ‘Visa on Arrival’ facility wherever applicable.

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Is Oman issuing new visas now?

Yes, Oman is issuing visas. … Oman is open for tourists with a valid visa who meet the current COVID-19 entry requirements. Citizens who are not eligible for the Oman electronic visa must contact an Oman diplomatic mission in their country of residence to get a tourist or business visa.

How can I get Oman citizenship?

A foreigner may be granted citizenship if he or she fulfills the following: Lived in Oman for 20 years. If married to an Omani woman the foreign man has to stay in Oman for 15 year provided that he has a child with the Omani wife and the marriage was solemnized with permission from the Omani ministry.