Best answer: What are the goals of tourism policy?

What is the main goal of a tourism policy?

“the highest purpose of tourism policy is to integrate the economic, political, cultural and intellectual benefits of tourism cohesively with people, destinations, and countries in order to improve the global quality of life and provide a foundation for peace and prosperity (Edgell 1990 in Hall 1994:2).”

What are the object and goals of tourism policy?

National tourism policy objectives help focus on enabling tourism to achieve the social and economic development needs of the county such as employment generation, foreign exchange earnings, development of marginal and disadvantaged communities, overall economic development and sustainability.

Why do we need tourism policy?

It suggests that tourism not only generates government revenue, foreign currency, but also provides an optimal use of India’s scarce resources, sustainable development, high quality employment (especially to youngsters, women and disabled people), and finally, peace, understanding, national unity and stability (GOI, …

What are the tourism policy in the Philippines?

– The State declares tourism as an indispensable element of the national economy and an industry of national interest and importance, which must be harnessed as an engine of socioeconomic growth and cultural affirmation to generate investment, foreign exchange and employment, and to continue to mold an enhanced sense …

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What are the elements of tourism policy?

There are three basic types: the traditional administrative political structures, the executive structures dependent of the formers Page 7 and usually related to marketing and destination promotion, and structures of cooperation between public and private actors.

Is tourism a policy?

The Tourism Policy Statement sets three headline targets to be achieved by 2025: Overseas tourism revenue of €5 billion per year net of inflation excluding carrier receipts; • 250,000 people employed in tourism; • 10 million overseas visitors to Ireland per year.

What is tourism policy and governance?

Tourism policy customarily encompasses governmental decisions aimed at regulating the industry and at achieving predefined strategic aims for the destination. … In line with the aim of bridging the gap between theory and practice, a template for the formulation of tourism policies and a governance model is proposed.

What are the four phases of the process of tourism policy?

National, regional and local are the three levels of tourism planning which involves following steps or phases: (a) assessment of tourist demand and supply; (b) establishing objectives; (c) territorial planning; (d) basic infrastructure; (e) financial planning; (f) human resource planning; (g) administrative structure; …

What is the role of government in tourism policy?

The Ministry of Tourism, is the nodal agency for the formulation of national policies and programs and for the co-ordination of activities of various Central Government Agencies, State Governments/UTs and the Private Sector for the development and promotion of tourism in the country.

What is sustainable tourism policy?

Sustainable tourism is tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities.

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