How much is Egypt visa fee in Nigeria?

Do Nigerian citizens need visa to Egypt?

Do I need a visa to travel to Egypt as a Nigerian? Yes. Nigeria citizens must have a visa to enter Egypt.

Is Egypt visa on arrival for Nigeria?

Citizens of Egypt have an opportunity to apply for a Nigerian Tourist e-Visa on Arrival. The electronic visa program helps certain African nationals get a visa approval online without having to go to the consulate or embassy. The Nigerian Tourist e-Visa program is limited to certain African countries only.

How much is Egyptian visa at airport?

How Much Is an Egyptian Visa on Arrival? The cost of the Egyptian visa on arrival is 25 USD. Eligible travelers are able to pay the fee in either US dollars, Euros, or British Pounds, and are advised to arrive at the Egyptian point of entry of their choice with the exact change to avoid delays.

How much time does it take to get Egypt visa?

Egypt e-Visa is valid for 90 days from the date of issue. However, you can stay in Egypt for a maximum period of 30 days only. How many days does it take to process Egypt e-Visa? NThe processing time is 6 to 7 working days once the application is complete and all documents are submitted.

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Can I get a 3 month visa for Egypt?

An Egyptian tourist visa is valid for 3 months from the date of issue. … If traveling to Egypt within this 3-month window, the visa will be valid for a further 30 days within the country from the date of entry.

How many hours is Nigeria to Egypt?

However, some airlines could take as long as 33 hours based on the stopover destination and waiting duration.

Non-stop flight time from Nigeria (LOS) to Egypt (CAI) by different airlines.

Journey Duration Airline
LOS ➝ CAI 5 hours 30 minutes Egyptair

Can I get an Egyptian visa at Cairo airport?

An Egypt visa is required for most travelers including American and British passport holders. Americans and citizens from 40 other countries can obtain an Egypt visa on arrival at the Cairo International airport at the bank kiosks before the immigration counters for $25 USD and are valid for visits up to 30 days.