Why Venice is seen as an important attraction?

Why should we visit Venice and Italy?

Venice is a cradle of culture and art in Europe.

Among the must-see cultural places in this city are palaces, churches, museums or handicraft shops. You can find there many pieces of art created by world-famous artists, such as Titian, Giorgione, and Giovanni Bellini. The main point of Venice is the Piazza San Marco.

What is romantic about Venice?

Any romantic experience in Venice must include a journey on the boat that Venice is famous for; the gondola. What can be more romantic than a gondolier propelling you down the aptly named Grand Canal in an elegant craft? Along this main stretch of water, you’ll pass opera houses, palaces and churches.

Is Venice the most romantic city?

Venice tops the polls as Italy’s most romantic city – its gondola rides past historic palazzos are hard to beat. Many of these boat rides even include a serenade for you and your lover.

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