You asked: How can an object be neutral but still attract or repel a charged piece of tape?

Can an object with neutral charge still attract repel a positively negatively charged object explain?

A neutral object will attract both a positive and a negative charge. This is because in some objects, electrons are free to move and transform the charge from positive to negative. These attractive and repulsive forces are exactly that, forces.

Why pieces of paper that are neutral are attracted to a negatively charged rod?

The bits of paper are electrically neutral, but when you bring the rod close to them, even though paper is not a conductor, that is, the charges within it are not free to move about as a current, the negative charges have enough mobility that they are repelled by the rod.

Can a neutral object such a piece of paper be attracted by an electrostatically charged object?

Neutral objects can be attracted to any charged object. … There is a slight shift in the distribution of the electrons orbiting the molecule, with unlike charges being brought nearer and like charges moved away. Since the electrostatic force decreases with distance, there is a net attraction.

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What does it mean for an object to be neutral?

In conclusion, an electrically neutral object is an object that has a balance of protons and electrons. In contrast, a charged object has an imbalance of protons and electrons. … The type of charge (positive or negative) is determined by whether the protons or the electrons are in excess.

Why do charged bodies attract neutral bodies?

Yes, a charged body can attract another uncharged body. When the charged body is placed near the uncharged body, the induced charges of opposite kind are produced on the uncharged body by the charged body. Now, they are oppositely charged and the uncharged body is attracted by charged body.

What happens when a negatively charged object A is brought near a neutral object B?

When you bring a negatively charged object close to a neutral pith ball, … These positive and negative charges attract the two closer and if they touch each other, positive charges get nullified and both bodies become negatively charged. Once both are negatively charged, they tend to repel each other.

Are neutral objects attracted to magnets?

If you put the North pole next to a South Pole of a magnet they attract just as a positively and negatively charged object would. If you take a piece of steel (with no overall magnetic field) and put it near a magnet it is also attracted, just as a neutral object would be attracted to a charged object.